Cardston ~ (Canada-US Border) ~ St. Mary

2020年3月8日 - 2019, Canada, USA
Cardston ~ (Canada-US Border) ~ St. Mary

Checked out at 11 and started at 11:10 . Portable water 3L .

Good weather , bad road condition .

Around the border , I saw bald eagle and two foxes . I realized that I was approaching the United States .

It was tailwind from start to the country border . Easier today , haha .

But from border , it was pretty strong headwind . No good , haha .

I bought  canadian whisky at duty-free shop . Really good price .

See you Canada , AB .

Gateway to the USA .

At the US Custom , immigration officer asked me many many things . Finaly I got permit for more 3 months staying . I really worried about it .

May need to pay 6 USD to get permit .

You can see a kind of table mountain named Chief Mountain .

Hello again , the USA . First time in Montana .

Gray colored cloud were waiting in the travelling direction . And they brought lots of snow at 4 pm .

In front of Babb , someone shot a rifle 3 times at a short distance . I don’t like this sound . It makes me surprised .

All store were closed in winter .

Lots of bird on the Lower Saint Mary Lake .

I arrived Malmstrom AFB Recreation Area at 5:30 pm , there were many places to camp , but were not maintained .

I set up my tent near lakeshore . Visibility was too bad .

I ate ramen noodle with dried vegie for supper and enjoyed whisky , snack and jerky .

I used two sleeping bags but no mattress tonight . Lots of snow but not too cold .

I heard an owl hooting in the trees . Good place to stay .