Cardston ~ (Canada-US Border) ~ St. Mary
Checked out at 11 and started at 11:10 . Portable water 3L . Good weather , bad road condition . Around the border , I saw bald eagle and two foxes . I [...]
Fort Macleod ~ Cardston
It was snowing when I looked outside at 5:30 am . I slept twice . Woke up at 9:30 and took a shower . Checked out at 11 , started at 11:10 . Heading to [...]
I was stolen my bike at the mid of January . Many people shared my post and I met a woman , Courtney . She helped me a lot . Courtney and some people were [...]
Please Help , I was stolen my bike .
Please share this post . I’m Masa , cyclist from Japan travelling the North America (started from Anchorage,AK) and now in Hinton,AB Canada . I was [...]
Leaving Alaska
Thanks to all trucker and driver slow down for me . Thanks to everyone talk to me . Thanks to Penny , Joe and Jeff . You are my family in Fairbanks. [...]