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Fort Macleod ~ Cardston

It was snowing when I looked outside at 5:30 am . I slept twice .



Woke up at 9:30 and took a shower .


Checked out at 11 , started at 11:10 .


Heading to Carway .




After a while the snow stopped , but falling again at 12:45 .

Pickup stopped and driver said “need ride ?” , but I rejected her offer . Thanks , I wanna go by myself .



I reached Standoff at 1:30 pm . I visit two food mart .





I love dogs but they don’t love me .


Reached Cardston at 4 pm .


Love this design …


First , I visited the hotel .


I called owner but he said he can’t go back right now .

I strolled the town . Most store were closed because of weekend .


Chinese buffet makes me fatty .

Old building

Call of the WILD


I got a room , pretty expensive.



I knew today’s weather and worried about it but it’s not too cold . Condition was not bad and it was a tailwind today .


I feel lonely right now .


There were many encounters in Canada .

A bad thing brought many GOOD THINGS .

Many people gave me  good experiences .


Thanks a lot . I’ll leave Canada tomorrow .

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